About Adriana Victoria Ewart-Jones

A highly experienced teacher, former Headteacher and special educational needs co-ordinator, Adriana is the founder of the dyslexia Assessment Centre, which is based in Manchester. She is the proud 2020 winner of Small Business Sunday as chosen by Theo Paphitis, a man who is not only successful but also proud to be dyslexic! She is a member of the British Dyslexia Association and in 2012 she obtained the National Award for Special Educational Needs Co-ordination. She is highly qualified in recognising the early signs of dyslexia in children, teenagers and adults and providing substantial assessments and reports.   “My experience in a range of settings has made me only too aware that, in most UK schools, the knowledge about dyslexia in teenagers and children remains quite limited. Together with traditional approaches to teaching and exams, this often restricts individuals with dyslexia or signs of dyslexia, to reach their full potential. Whether we refer to children, teenagers or adults, I believe we now need to change our view of dyslexia so that we see it as a valuable way of thinking, rather than merely focusing on the challenges it brings. I do hope I can be of assistance and look forward to hearing from you. “ Adriana Ewart-Jones BA (Hons), CPE, LPC, PGCE, NASENCo, PG Cert SpLD (Dyslexia), AMBDA.