Dyslexia Screening Tests & Assessment Reports

Dyslexia screeners can greatly assist dyslexic individuals and provide a useful resource for recognising, understanding and supporting dyslexic abilities in education.

Screening is suitable for school-aged children under 16 years of age. It is carried out via a series of fun activities on a computer which are sensitive cognitive indicators of dyslexia.

In recent years, the demand for diagnostic assessments of specific learning difficulty (dyslexia) has grown considerably. A good diagnostic assessment report is an immensely valuable document as it helps individuals understand their strengths and weaknesses in setting appropriately challenging goals. In addition, assessments are increasingly needed for specific purposes, such as determining the right to access arrangements in both internal and external examinations.

An assessment report must also be acceptable to a wide variety of audiences and be rigorous enough to stand up to potential legal challenge. In addition, such a report should help teachers and employers understand dyslexia in order to enable them to plan effective support. 

All assessment reports produced by MDAC are written to meet current Specific Learning Difficulty Assessment Standards Committee (SASC) guidelines for best practice.

Consequently, all our assessment reports show a clear understanding of affective issues in learners with dyslexia. Furthermore, they are professional, accurate and are written in language easily accessible to non-specialists, with due regard to building a positive framework. Each report makes recommendations directly linked to assessment findings and to subject needs. Clear arrangements will be made for feedback to parents, teachers and employers. Security and confidentiality of test materials and reports are maintained at all times.

Here at MDAC we offer both screening and diagnosis, so please do not hesitate to contact us for further details.